Woman Suffers Cardiac Arrest During Ivf At Private Clinic, On Life Support | Noi

Greater Noida: A 35-year-old woman from Vasundhara is on life support after she went into cardiac arrest while undergoing an IVF procedure at a private clinic in the city late last week.
Her husband, who filed a police complaint for medical negligence, has alleged that she over-dosed on a pain relief medicine administered by the doctors at the facility. A doctor at the clinic, however, said Lalita Rawat had an adverse reaction to a sedative given for the procedure, and the 20 minutes it took to resuscitate her may have led to brain damage.
Police said on Monday that the district’s chief medical officer will submit a report that will determine if an FIR should be filed in the case. Lalita’s husband Chandra Bhan Rawat, who works in the brand promotion team of Twitter, said the couple had gone to the IVF clinic in Eco Village-2 (Greater Noida West) on August 19 around 9am. “About 15 minutes into the procedure, I heard my wife scream from the operation theatre. The staff did not let me go inside. There was panic. I was later told there is some complication and my wife was being taken to the Yatharth hospital in Noida,” he said. Bhan said in his complaint at the Bisrakh police station that he got to know in the ambulance while shifting Lalita that she had over-dosed on a drug and gone into cardiac arrest. There was no brain activity after she was revived, he said.
The clinic said it had followed all protocol in the treatment. “For the procedure, we had administered a dose of propofol, a medication for decreased levels of consciousness for a short duration. Out of 4,000 people, one patient experiences reactions due to propofol. In the case of Lalita Rawat, the reaction was severe and her heart beat had stopped. We immediately gave her CPR rounds and she was revived after 20 mins. But due to no heart beat for over 20 minutes, her brain got affected. Our team ensured proper treatment until she was handed over to the hospital,” said Dr Priyanranjan Thakur of Creation World IVF Centre in Greater Noida.
Officials at Yatharth hospital, where Lalita is currently being treated, said her condition was critical.
“When she was brought to us, the doctors gave her two rounds of cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR), which revived her but there is no brain activity,” said Dr. Shalini Bhalla, chief operating officer at the hospital.
Bisrakh police station SHO Umesh Bahadur Singh told TOI that the complaint has been forwarded to the Gautam Budh Nagar CMO, Dr Sunil Sharma.
“The FIR will be lodged after the CMO investigates the matter and submits a report. In such cases, the CMO’s office has to be brought in to assess the technicalities and the situation accurately,” the SHO said.


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