Seven arrested on charge of poaching in Seshachalam Hills

The Red Sanders Anti-smuggling Task Force personnel with the accused, in Annamayya district on Tuesday night.
| Photo Credit: Special Arrangement

The Red Sanders Anti-smuggling Task Force personnel on May 23 (Tuesday) night nabbed seven persons on charges of poaching and seized a country-made rifle, gunpowder and pellets in a forest location under the Sanipaya Range of Seshachalam Hills.

The Task Force officials said that a combing party from the Sanipaya Range office, which was on patrol duty, noticed some suspicious movements of trespassers in the Jillellamanda beat.

The combing party apprehended seven persons. During interrogation, it was revealed that the accused, all hailing from Rayavaram village, had been poaching deer and wild boars in the reserve forests.

On Tuesday night, they shot at an antelope, but it ran into the bushes. The accused was searching for the animal when they were surrounded by the Task Force. All the accused were in the age group of 25 to 50. A case has been registered and the accused have been remanded.

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