National-level Srijanankura-2K23 science exhibition held at Vignan University

More than 20,000 students from different States attended the national-level Srujanankura-2K23 science exhibition, organised for two days at Vignan University, at Vadlamudi in Guntur district on Friday.

Vande Bharat Express Innovator Sudhanshu Mani, Dr. Sarita Ahalwat, MD, BotLab Dynamics, New Delhi, and Arvind K. Singh, vice-president, Operations, Nucon Aerospace, are the chief guests for the event.

On this occasion, Prof. Parthasarathy Chakrabarti, director of IIEST in Shibpur, urged students to exchange knowledge with one another, as it would facilitate the generation of novel ideas. He encouraged students to concentrate on research, emphasising that those who come up with innovations and acquire patents for them would significantly contribute to the nation’s economic growth.

Dr. Lavu Rathaiah, chairman of Vignan Group, urged students to stay abreast of technological advancements and innovate regularly. He encouraged them to become world-class scientists by turning their ideas into experiments.

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