How dumping ground transformed into a solid waste management unit in Hardoi | Lucknow News – Times of India

Sustained efforts to ensure cleanliness helped in the transformation of a garbage dumping ground into a decentralized solid waste management unit in Hardoi district.
It all started with the launch of Swacchhagrah project, sponsored by DCM-Shriram Foundation and implemented by FINISH Society, in Hardoi. The head of the district’s civic body expressed interest in the project and two areas, ward numbers 21 and 5, were chosen. With all necessary permissions in place, the basic requirement was to select a location in Ward 21 where the decentralized solid waste management (DSWM) unit could be established.
Ward 21 falls in prime location where the residence of the district magistrate, the municipal board’s office and offices of major politicial parties are located.
The FINISH team identified a piece of land near the municipality office for DSWM which was being used for dumping waste and parking of vehicles.
Initially, the FINISH Society faced stiff resistance from shopkeepers and residents. Shopkeepers were apprehensive that foul smell of composting and waste from the unit would be a major problem for them. Project manager of FINISH Society Vivek Singh assured the stakeholders that scientific techniques of waste management will be used at the unit after which the shopkeepers agreed. The DSWM unit was inaugurated by CDO Akanksha Rana on October 2, 2022 and a Swaccha Bharat rally was organised on the occasion. Till date, the unit has sourced 10 tonnes of waste which led to preparation of 1500kg of compost.

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