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BAREILLY: The fifth Urs-e-Tajusharia, commemorating the death anniversary of Mufti Mohammad Akhtar Raza Khan Qadiri, also known as Azhari Mian or Tajusharia, the grandson of Aala Hazrat, commenced in Bareilly on May 26.
Azhari Mian (76), a prominent Sunni Barelvi cleric, passed away on July 18, 2018, after an illness. He held the 24th position in the annual list of the “500 Most Powerful and Influential Muslims” worldwide, compiled by the Royal Islamic Strategic Study Centre (RISSC), a Jordanian think tank affiliated with the Royal Aal al-Bayt Institute for Islamic Thought in Amman.
Approximately 1 million people are expected to attend the Urs in Bareilly on May 26 and 27, and over 2,000 volunteers have been deployed to oversee the arrangements.
Traffic diversions have been put in place across the city, and the organising committee has reserved 110 hotels to accommodate visitors from other states. Clerics from eight countries – USA, United Kingdom, Sri Lanka, Finland, South Africa, Turkey, and UAE – have arrived in Bareilly, and a team of chefs from Mumbai has been summoned to manage the culinary arrangements for the esteemed guests.
The Urs will be broadcasted in 25 countries through various social media platforms.
One of the Mumbai-based clerics, who shared a close bond with Azhari Mian and preferred to remain anonymous, spoke to TOI, stating, “He wielded immense influence and had over 50 million followers worldwide. Due to his profound knowledge of Islam, he issued more than 100,000 Fatwas during his lifetime and assisted members of his community in making decisions aligned with Islamic teachings. He always emphasized the importance of English language learning for Muslims, as it is widely spoken in many countries. He remained humble and declined meetings with film stars and politicians, even refusing to meet the then Prime Minister of India.”
A devoted follower of Azhari Mian, who travelled from South Africa to attend the Urs, shared with TOI, “I have been connected with Tajushariah since my childhood, as he used to stay at my place whenever he visited South Africa. He is my spiritual guide, and through him, I am always connected with Allah and find motivation. My soul remains linked to him.”
Farman Hasan Khan, the general secretary of the Dargah Aala Hazrat, told TOI, “We have organised numerous medical camps and conducted free surgeries with the assistance of doctors from across the country. We are working closely with the local police and administration to ensure a peaceful completion of the Urs.”

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