Caught on cam: Unhygienic water in RO containers in Lucknow | Lucknow News – Times of India

LUCKNOW: TOI photo journalist, Sunil Kumar, on Thursday captured a man on his camera who was seen filling tap water in containers of ‘distilled water’. The water was being sourced from a tap of a tin shed in Hazratganj.
The containers, which are used to store water obtained after reverse osmosis (RO), were mounted on an e-rickshaw parked next to an open drain with unhygienic conditions all around. The man was holding the pipe and capping the containers with bare hands while talking over phone. Local residents said the pipe was connected to an RO plant situated under the tin shed but there were no signs of RO refill.


It’s not the question of an RO plant alone. One can find many places across the city where food items and water is being sold in unhygienic conditions, posing a threat to public health. Apart from regular inspections and action against those not following food safety norms, district administration must also educate people about the standard operating procedures.

According to officials of the Food Safety and Drugs Administration (FSDA), an RO plant should be housed in a neat, hygienic and clean place with no opening from any pollutants. The employees in the plant should wear proper gear like mask, gloves and scrub caps.
There should be no hand contact with water during refilling and capping of containers. Also, such a plant can only be started with the license from Central Ground Water Board. When contacted, the plant owner Bijay said that he gets the plant cleaned every eighth day and ensures proper hygiene. He said that he will take more precaution now, change the pipe and ensure water remains untouched till it reaches the customer.

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