Carcasses of Olive Ridley turtles on Andhra Pradesh shores worry tourists

A dead Olive Ridley turtle found on the shore near the Light House in Krishna district.

Carcasses of endangered Olive Ridley turtles were seen washed up on the shore at several places and in some islands in Krishna district.

Tourists visiting the beaches expressed concern over the mortality of the Olive Ridley turtles. Injuries were found on some of the carcasses of the turtles, the villagers said.

Dead turtles were found at Palakayatippa, Light House and other places. “The carcasses seem to have washed ashore one or two days ago,” the locals said.

Hamsaladeevi, Light House, Palakayatippa and Sangameswaram are some of the busy tourist places in Krishna district. Tourists were greeted by the sight of decomposing carcasses at the beaches.

“There is no significant pollution or oil exploration along the shore in Krishna district. Still, many Olive Ridley turtles are dying. Officials should ascertain the reasons behind the deaths of the endangered species,” said a tourist Ch. Srikanth.

Speaking to The Hindu, Avanigadda Forest Range Officer (FRO), K.V.S. Raghava Rao said there was no mass mortality of the Oliver Ridley turtles along the shore in the region.

“We are getting information on carcasses of the turtles at some places. Forest Department officials are trying to find out the exact reasons for the deaths. This is a matter under the Wildlife (Protection) Act, 1972,” the FRO said.

“Carcasses of one or two turtles were noticed on the shore every week. Recently, we noticed the dead Olive Ridley turtles at Light House and at Palakayatippa village,” Mr. Raghava Rao said.

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