Bluesky introduces custom algorithm feeds as an alternative option

Bluesky, the new social network founded by Jack Dorsey, co-founder of Twitter, initially focused on providing users with content from the people they follow. However, in a new development, Bluesky has started rolling out alternative feeds that employ custom algorithms.

The newly introduced feature, known as “My Feeds,” allows users to pin alternative feeds to their Bluesky homepage, functioning similarly to Twitter lists. This enables users to have distinct timelines for specific content categories. By default, four feeds are available: “What’s Hot” (showcasing the top trending content), “Popular With Friends” (featuring posts liked by friends), “Bluesky Team” (including content from the Bluesky developers), and “What’s Hot Classic” (which offers the original “What’s Hot” experience from the initial release). Additionally, users can search for more feeds that align with their individual interests. These feeds can be accessed at any time, even without pinning them to the homepage, The Verge reports.

Examples of existing feeds include ones displaying content solely from followed accounts (excluding likes and reposts), cat pictures, technology-focused content, and games. While most social networks typically impose their algorithms on users, Bluesky is allowing users to curate their own content experience.

Despite the recent addition of content moderation, Bluesky is still in the beta phase. The exact timeline for when Bluesky will become available to the general public remains uncertain. However, the Bluesky team has been actively facilitating invitations for current users to invite others and create new accounts.

Notably, Dorsey left Twitter, which was subsequently bought by Tesla owner Elon Musk. While Bluesky is much like Twitter, however, the theme is totally open source. That means Bluesky subscribers can tailor their accounts and preferences as per their requirements in any fanciful way. On Twitter that is not possible, the subscriber is chained to the Twitter system that brooks no changes to the templates provided by it.

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