Adah Sharma says she feels discrimination on the basis of gender in the film industry | Hindi Movie News – Times of India

Adah Sharma has been receiving appreciation for her role in director Sudipto Sen‘s controversial film The Kerala Story. While the actress continues to garner praises, she recently opened up about facing discrimination on the basis of gender in the Indian film industry.
In a chat show, Adah said that she has worked with people from north and south who were both really amazing and not so amazing. She has come to a realisation that it is the person that makes everything go well and unpleasant at the same time.
She added that if the director is nice irrespective of the language, everything will go smooth and fine. And if the director is unpleasant, then your experience on the set won’t be very nice. She said that she has met all kinds of good, bad and ugly people in all the places she has worked so far.

She further said that she finds it very strange when the makers call the heroine on the set first and then they call the actor’s manager telling him to come on the set since the girl is already there. “I feel discrimination on the basis of gender, I don’t enjoy working in an environment like that,” she added.
Meanwhile, The Kerala Story has reached Rs 200 crore mark at the Indian box office. The movie stars Adah Sharma, Yogita Bihani, Siddhi Idnani and Sonia Balani in the lead roles.

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