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NOIDA: A third-year sociology student who was shot dead by her batchmate on the Shiv Nadar University campus last week had flagged “an open death threat” by him and multiple incidents of physical abuse in an email marked to two senior faculty members this March.
Sneha Chaurasia (21) wrote on March 14 that her sociology classmate Anuj Singh had assaulted her four times over a period of two months. She said she had multiple scars as proof, and that he had also once tried to “choke” her, leaving her unconscious.
The violence was triggering panic attacks and had left her mental state fragile, she wrote in the email that today brings into scrutiny the university’s response to the grave charges she made, especially in the backdrop of a failed relationship that had led to acrimony between the two.
Sneha wrote another email on March 26, alleging Anuj had gone through her laptop without her permission.
In the March 14 email, Sneha wrote, “Due to some internal conflicts, I decided to break up with him, despite many explanations and conversations he is not ready to accept the break up (sic).”
She added, “I have started getting panic attacks… I genuinely want to get out of this. Today, he gave me an open death threat and said that he will call up my parents and tell them all about our relationship.”
The sociology student said she didn’t want to file an official complaint, but wanted to “make sure that he is not reachable to me or to my family”.
“I hope that you will devise any possible way in which I can feel safe and happy on campus. Hope to hear from you soon,” she wrote.
Asked about the email, a university spokesperson told TOI on Thursday that the institute “strongly condemned” the “malicious attempts to spread misinformation” and that it “did everything within its power to help address the situation”.
After the email, the spokesperson said, the university took action immediately, including urging Sneha to file a formal complaint, enforcing a “restraining order” on both students and arrange counselling sessions for both.
On May 18, Anuj shot Sneha thrice inside the university’s Dadri campus, and minutes later, shot himself in a hostel room. The two of them were a couple apparently till December 2022, when Sneha broke off ties.
Sneha’s father Raj Kumar Chaurasia, meanwhile, filed a police complaint on Wednesday night, based on which an FIR was registered under sections 302 (murder), 354D (stalking) and 120B (criminal conspiracy) against Anuj. The university administration was also named in the FIR, as were a videographer, a mess worker at the university and a Kanpur resident, all of whom were mentioned in a video made by Anuj before the shooting. It’s not clear how they are connected to the shooting incident.
In the complaint filed at Dadri police station, Sneha’s father alleged that Anuj had been harassing her for months. “The same was informed to the university administration and they were requested to take action against Anuj. But they didn’t do anything,” it read.
Raj Kumar also referred to Anuj’s 23-minute clip, which he had sent to a university group 10 minutes before the shooting. “In the video, Anuj spoke about the murder of my daughter… These clear the facts that my daughter’s murder was planned,” he alleged.
Additional DCP (Greater Noida) Ashok Kumar said on Thursday police had begun an investigation. Earlier this week, an FIR was filed under the Arms Act to investigate when and how Anuj procured a gun and sneaked it into the university campus to execute his plan.
On Thursday, Sneha’s family met Noida police commissioner Laxmi Singh and Greater Noida DCP SM Khan. “We showed them the proof that our daughter had made several complaints to the university administration against Anuj,” her uncle said.
A senior government official pointed to shortcomings in the university’s response. “The anti-harassment cell of the university should have taken immediate action. Firstly, they should have conveyed the matter to their parents,” said regional higher education officer Rajiv Kumar Gupta, who had earlier this week sought a report from the university.
“Giving death threats is not normal. In such cases, the accused should immediately be taken to a psychiatrist for evaluation. Depending on the result, the person should be treated with medical counseling under a certified psychologist. Moreover, parents should be informed that their son/daughter is suffering,” said Dr Nikhil Nayar, consultant psychiatrist at Sharda Hospital.
Anuj’s father Lokesh Singh, a farmer in Amroha, said his son was soft-spoken and “could never hurt anyone”. “If the university had informed us, we would have spoken to Anuj and counselled him,” he said.
Did everything necessary, says university
In response to queries from TOI, the university spokesperson said, “The university has done everything within its power to help address the situation in every manner possible. We have refrained from divulging specific details to honor the private lives of the deceased.”
On Sneha’s complaint, the spokesperson said that the “university took this up very seriously and acted upon this immediately. All necessary steps, including multiple interventions and professional counselling for both the students were resorted to. The university also placed restraining orders on both of them within 2 days, i.e., March 16th 2023.”
“Both the students had voluntarily and knowingly breached the restraining order, something that the university again confronted the students about and asked them to exercise restraint. The university strongly urged Ms. Chaurasia to place a formal complaint on multiple occasions, so that university could initiate even stricter action. She did not pursue this, as she said that she did not want her family to find out,” the spokesperson said.
The university, the statement added, did not make any lapses in handling the complaint and that the safety of its students and staff was its “topmost priority”.
“The university deeply regrets this tragic episode and loss of lives. We also denounce the baseless and malevolent attempts to tarnish the image of the university,” the spokesperson said.

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